The Burnout Recovery Yoga System

Bounce back from burnout mindfully...

What if there was a system to bring the wisdom of yoga off the mat and into life, turn workaholism into wild inspiration and schedule time for adventures with loved ones this summer?

The Burnout Recovery Yoga System is for you if...

  • You want more time with friends and family, time to have fun, to relax and still build a thriving business

  • You’re an entrepreneur, a wellness professional or simply someone who feels stuck and is ready to shift your energy and reboot

  • You feel drained and you are ready to recharge your energy

  • You are ready to stop what’s led you to burnout, and start living life to the full!

  • You are ready to step out of workaholism and make self-care a priority

  • You want to get back on top of your game with a community that supports your personal and professional growth.

Have you answered yes to any of these questions?

Then this program has been designed with you in mind..

Hi, I'm Cat Duval

I know you know who I am, but you may not know, over the past decade of running Nine Lives Yoga, I have worked with upwards of 25,749 clients across 11 countries, transforming their mindsets from being anxious and scattered, to confident in their abilities, stagnant in their body, to moving with ease, and purpose driven, energised humans who reach for their dreams and achieve their goals! 

I have led workshops at conferences for 650+ people, opened at The Mindfulness Summit London, and Women in Tech Conference, led team building for Google and Microsoft and toured the conscious festival circuit across the UK and Scandinavia to audiences of thousands, and guided clients in deep 121 and group coaching work.

Imagine being able to...

  • Free yourself from working unproductively 

  • Let go of bad habits like scrolling, window clicking and ordering late night take outs

  • Get clear on your next steps that align with your values and goals.

  • Hush the inner critic and master your mindset

  • Have quality time with loved ones, leading to stronger, healthier relationships

  • Gain the kind of confidence that comes from progressing in the direction you want to go in life

  • Create space in your diary to book that adventure holiday

  • Take regular time to spend in nature hiking, cycling - or doing whatever it is you love!

  • Attract high-achieving collaborators who support your vision

  • Run a purposful, profitable, thriving business! 

It has been such a joy crafting and creating The Burnout Recovery Yoga system. I know I needed it! Especially over last 18 months and I’m delighted to share it with you...


Here's a brief outline of the 5 steps to clarify your direction and find purpose, get energised and motivated and find positive energy when you need it. In each module we put them into action so you can implement them straight away!



The 5 Steps of The Burnout Recovery Yoga System:


  • Stress vs Flow

    You will learn the difference between the 4 types of stress, the science of 'Flow State', and how to tune-up the mind-body connection. Start refining your yoga practice to listen to and understand what your body is telling you, so that you can make healthy choices for longevity, wholeness and wellness.

  • Rest and Restore

    You will learn to choose your emotional state, release old, negative thoughts and ignite your imagination for a fresh start. Take space for you, create your own bespoke Yoga Nidra to transform stressful moments, and put the theory into practice to declutter the mind ready to get inspired.

  • Prime the Mind 

    Prime your mindset, your vision, your language and your goals to rewire your brain. Learn one simple and essential practice that’s led to success for yogis, Olympians, and successful entrepreneurs alike across the professional world. And create your own personalised recording to integrate into your practice.   

  • Sacred Scheduling 

    Learn about the Kaizen of yoga, how to master your attention, create space in your schedule so that you can access your creative zone of genius faster, and free up more time for adventures with friends and family. 

  • Ritualise Happiness

    Find out how to sync the rhythm of your day with the rhythm of your Yoga Nadis: a natural way to design your days to sustain your energy and get more done with less effort! 


The Structure:


  • 5 course modules on 5 calls for 5 weeks! 

  • LIVE coaching from Cat Duval

  • 90mins, Wednesdays

    2pm BST/ 3pm CET/ 9am ET

  • Hotseat your challenges

  • Weekly assignments

  • Recorded Meditations

  • How to Videos 

  • Community inspiration and support 

  • Access to recordings 

  • Access to BONUSES! 

The Burnout Recovery Yoga System

Program Value: £997
Yours for only*: £497 ($687)

Or 3 easy payments of £197 ($272)

* This is the only time this course will be this price.

USD conversion rate is subject to fluctuation.

    Master Yoga Foundations Bundle


    BONUS 1

    Foundation Practices 


    Overcome the "Insta-yogi-induced-fear-factor" and take some time to learn the basics. These two bonuses set you up to be able to move with the breath more easily, and practice getting all the major joints of the body limbered up and ready to either warm up for the day or de-stress at the end of it. 

    • Nine Lives Yoga Sun Salutations A & B for Beginners


    BONUS 2

    3 x Nine Lives Yoga Classes

    Dive deeper into your practice and gain instant physical, mental and emotional relief from burnout 

    with these Nine Lives Yoga bonus yoga classes:

    • Dynamic Yoga Class: for Balance and Confidence (75 min)

    • Vinyasa Yoga Class: for De-stress and Detox (75 min)

    • Restorative Yin Yoga Class: for Rest and Recouperation (75 min)


    BONUS 3

    Mindfulness Meditation

    Mindfulness meditations are brilliant at helping to bring you into the present moment.  They enable you to feel more calm and centred in your body and mind. This practice is perfect at any time of the day where you feel overwhelmed with anxious thoughts, distracted, stressed and would benefit from a quick reset. A beautiful practice for both new and experienced meditators.

    • Mindfulness Meditation: 

      Body Scan to Ease Anxious Thoughts 



      BONUS 4

      'Yoga Myth Busters'

      Coaching Session

      Cat will be live online for 30 mins answering your top questions about the program, yoga and meditation, and anything you need answers to before deciding to join us on the 28th July when the course kicks off.

      • LIVE Coaching Consultation Session

      Master Yoga Foundations

      Bonus Bundle 

      Value: £197


        TODAY ONLY!

        Mindset Mastery

        Fast Action Bonus Bundle 

        FREE with the course for the next 24 hours ONLY



          BONUS 5

          Embodied Goals Planner

          My go-to tool for organising my thoughts, setting goals that align with my heart, keep me focused on my goal, and avoid shiny object syndrome! It works with goals for all aspects of life and helps you break your big goals into incremental steps to stop feeling overwhelmed by thinking about it all at once. Small steps win the race. It's online, so you can access it and update it from anywhere!

          • 12 Week Embodied Goals Planner - to hone down your 'next-right-steps' for the next season and beyond!


          BONUS 6

          Bounce Back Meditation


          Shift your mindset and transform your state from scattered and stressed to focused and calm. With this short 5 minute guided meditation, you can bounce back into this moment wherever you are in the world just so long as you have this​! It's compact, it's potent and it works anytime you need it.

          • "Back in the Room" 5 minute transformation meditaton


          BONUS 7

          I AM Affirmations for Brilliance

          Your thoughts determine your reality. Take control of them by intentionally setting yourself up for success. If you struggle with low self-confidence or if you simply find your self-talk or inner 'pragmatism' stops you from reaching your dreams! This one is for you. Practice positive self-talk and begin to step into your flow state and show up as the best version of yourself in the moments when you choose to be brilliant and feel powerful!

          • Recorded Affirmations for Brilliance

          Mindset Mastery

          Bonus Bundle 

          Value: £197




            You have a 14 day money back guarantee: so if you join us for 2 weeks, do all the exercises and whenever you get stuck, you ask for help then I can guarantee that you will definitely get results. I’m so confident in the impact of this course that if you do all that and don’t see any results after 2 weeks then you can have a refund no questions asked!

            Cat Duval

            Founder, Nine Lives Yoga

            Using this system I waved goodbye to restless sleep and became a master of my own energy levels!



            Now I waste less time stressing and put more time into mountain biking and paddle boarding trips with friends!



            I am now able to achieve more in less time at work



            I wake up smiling at the sky, full of joire de vivre all through the day and positive into the evening! 



            I want to help you do this too.

            The Burnout Recovery Yoga System

            + Master Yoga Foundations Bonuses

            + Mindset Mastery Surprise Bonuses

            Total Value: £1,491
            Yours for only*: £497 ($687)

            Or 3 easy payments of £197 ($272)

            * This is the only time this course will be this price.

            USD conversion rate is subject to fluctuation.

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