Lift your energy levels from burnout to brilliance!

  • Tired of feeling tired?
  • Work-life balance feeling impossible right now? 
  • Want to do more in less time?
  • Want to have more energy for friends and family? 
  • Want to rock your daily practice with ease? 
  • Want to have a tribe of great people cheerleading you and making you accountable? 
  • Want to develop a real relationship with one teacher you know, like and trust?

Nine Lives Yoga Membership

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Daily Practices

Improved Focus

Boosted Energy 

Achieve Goals

Fitness and Flexibility 

Strength and Stamina

Buzzy Community Spirit

Coaching directly from Cat Duval

In my quest to power up your daily practice I have three membership offerings


All the practices are from your house, no need to travel - so it's quick to set up and rock OM. 

Three Times a Week

Switch off your mind, get into the body, energise, tone, centre, align, and all those good things. Let go of all the tension from your day, at a time that suits you, and let the yoga 'do you'.


What You Get per Week


3 x 75 minute classes 

1 x Dynamic Hatha Yoga

1 x Vinyasa Flow Yoga

1 x Restorative Yin Yoga


Dynamic Hatha Yoga


Time to align and breathe in each pose. Slower as this builds true power, strength and flexibility in the poses. Explore deeper, align the details, embody the quiver. Choose peace. Bring balance and focus with dynamic Hatha yoga.


Vinyasa Flow Yoga


A stronger, faster practice where the movement flows with the breath. Build up stamina, be playful and find the dance of yoga as well as getting the blood pumping and focussing the mind on the moment. If you like movement and challenge, you'd love vinyasa flow yoga.


Restorative Yin Yoga 


Now this is all about chilling, or is it? Yin has a 'rep' for release - myofasical release to be precise, and that is what we indulge in during this class. It's super slow and it's super deep. If you're a fitness buff, runner, cyclist or swimmer, yin helps you to get results faster. Ironically, as in this practice we spend 3-5 mins in each pose and any flows are in slo-mo. Plan nothing but a bath after this class. Set the room up to be warm and wear cosy clothes so that you get the most from this.




Yoga mat, lycra or comfy gym clothes. Optional extras are props - blocks, cushion, blanket, wheel, foam roller, strap, bolster - or improvise with stuff around the house for added comfort. 


Monthly Payment

Weekday Mornings

If you want to take care of your top priorities first, this is the way to do it. You don't need me to tell you how incredible a morning ritual can be to becoming the best version of yourself.


What You Get per Week


Monday - Friday 

Delivered to your inbox

7 - 8am GMT+1



I share my morning practice with you every weekday. It's based on Hal Elrod's 'Miracle Morning' and he is not exaggerating. This morning ritual has 6 elements, and the power to:

  • transform your life
  • gain strength and grit 
  • realise your goals
  • ignite the imagination
  • calm and focus the mind
  • build confidence
  • increase energy and mobility
  • connect to community and inspire eachother to rise with (and sometimes before) the sun! The miracle is you want to do it! 

The 6 elements of morning ritual

are these:

  1. Reading: start off with an inspiring reading and reflection, 8 mins
  2. Yoga: yoga to move joints and energise, 25 mins
  3. Meditation: to centre the mind, 10 mins
  4. Visualisation: visualise your dreams, goals and add detail to align it every day, 5 mins
  5. Affirmation: power statements to affirm how you choose to show up today, 2 mins
  6. Writing: Journal time and goal setting, 5 mins



Bring the drive to show up live, whatever the weather! Just lay out your yoga mat, wearing comfy clothes or event your PJ's! Grab your journal and a pen that works, and a hot mug of tea if you fancy.


Monthly Payment

Go all in!

If you want the best results you have to go all in. Your AAA pass includes both the sunrise and sunset membership practices plus a  MASTERCLASS every month!


What You Get per Week


Morning Power Hour 

Sunset Yoga Reset



PLUS 2 x Bonuses Every Month!


1 x Goals and Intentions Masterclass

Access to Online Community


All the benefits of the morning ritual AND the sunset yoga practices together. That means feeling like a productivity ninja before work and then longer yoga sessions after work to help you switch off. 


When you top and tail the day with mindful practice - it's like someone put the day in a time warp and you end up with more time and energy for the people you love!


You work smarter, faster and more creatively. When you go all in to your personal practice, what you get out of life multiplies!  


Bonus #1: 

Goals and Intentions Masterclass


Take charge of your direction and turn your dreams into reality by setting clear intentions and goals. Balance life goals with work ones using our wheel of wellbeing, and identify the next right step on your path to brilliance. You're accountable, and sharing with like minded souls who'll listen. 


Bonus #2

Monthly LIVE Coaching


Acknowledge your achievements and address your challenges. Receive bespoke variations and stepping stones so that you can progress your practice towards your goals. This is also a great chance to bond together LIVE as a community too.


Monthly Payment

How Does it All Look Together?


Access All Areas Membership 


You want to go all in hey?!


I LOVE that!

So for you who do I'm offering



Here's a peak at what that looks like


    60 mins, 6 practices, 5 x per week

    Morning Power Hour

    Our morning ritual energises and feeds your soul with 6 key practices every week day. Wake up and be guided, feel positive energy, get inspired and take that essential time for you, so you start your day feeling capable, confident and clear. 


    75 minutes per session

    Sunset Yoga Classes Dynamic Hatha/ Vinyasa Flow/ Restorative Yin 

    Reset your body and mind with yoga three times a week. Dynamic Hatha Mondays, Vinyasa Flow Wednesdays and Restorative Yin Yoga Fridays so you switch off from the day, wind down and actually relax in the evenings.


    Monthly 60 min Workshop

    Goals and Intentions Masterclass

    Align your actions with the vision you have for living a happy life, every month. This time is specifically to get clear on what is working, what isn't and be accountable to take action on what actually brings you balance and happiness. Clarify your goals and take incremental step to make massive changes in the right direction every month.


    Connect with people just like you! 

    Global Community

    Access our membership community on Facebook and soon login to our new membership site so you can access sessions on demand!.Connect with other members, share and post thoughts and inspirations. Get support with challenges and catch up on recordings! 

This is what our members say 

Here are some of our members' stories, we're really happy about these lovely things they've said about the impact our practices have on their lives, especially during lockdown and times of isolation.

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Monthly Payment


Monthly Payment


Monthly Payment

Just for showing up here

I'll give you my favourite daily visualisation 

As a congratulations for paying attention this far down the page 

I'd like to gift you my 20 minute 'Best Year, Best Future You' meditation completely


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We are so confident you'll love this that if you are not satisfied with what we are offering after a full week of practices then we will offer a money back guarantee. That means if you are free to join the top membership and if you want to change your mind after a week that's no worries - we'll refund you no questions asked. 

Cat Duval

Founder, Nine Lives Yoga

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have some questions - here are the answers to some commonly asked questions from members

Do I need all the props you've listed before I start?

Are the sessions recorded?

Will I be recorded on the broadcast?

Is it open to beginners?

I'm an advanced practitioner/ teacher myself - will this offer me enough stimulation and progression? 

How does it work online?

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We go live every weekday so get involved now and join us today! 


Monthly Payment


Monthly Payment


Monthly Payment

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